The Sally Bishai Method of EVERYTHING

The Sally Bishai Method is all about having the right EQUIPMENT, STRATEGIES, and SKILLS for the task at hand--and making USE of whatever you HAVE at hand.

Nothing goes to waste, and you never go without. 

But even if you do... Life goes on!

And even if it doesn't...would you even be aware of that fact (God forbid)?

It's NOT about "this is why I can't," you say THIS IS HOW I CAN!

No excuses. No regrets.

The Sally Bishai Method is all about doing ten things at once--and succeeding at each of those things.

Why? Coz everything's CONNECTED.


Every last thing.

And the Sally Bishai Method is built around that timeless principle... and a few others.

It's about streamlining things and having policies in place so that you're never caught off-guard.

You're always prepared, and ALWAYS INFORMED; no room for that wretched "is this gonna be on the test??!" mentality, my friend.


Coz it's ALL going to be on the test.

No time to waste with "let me count the many ways I'm a victim!" coz the Sally Bishai Method is all about brushing off the dust and moving FORWARD, sallying FORTH unto VICTORY!

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